Synonymy at the Syntagmatic Level

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Synonymy at the Syntagmatic Level

Antoinette Renouf

The corpus-based Cobuild dictionary project represented an early large-scale affirmation of the Firthian theory that part of the sense or meaning of a word is revealed by its neighbours (henceforth ‘collocates’), in a given context.

The fact that collocation is not only an abstract associative relationship, but a regular surface feature of text, traceable along the syntagmatic plane, is rather important, because it makes the semantics of words in text amenable to study, both manually and automatically. It also permits the testing of the hypothesis that words with similar collocational profiles might have similar meanings, or be in some other significant sense relationship.

The existence of lexical collocation, or lexical ‘attraction’ in text, in turn suggests a corresponding phenomenon of lexical ‘repulsion’. Here, the hypothesis is that a word actively does not occur in the environment of another word for some reason, and that repulsion is thus also part of the meaning of a word.

In this paper, I shall show that these wonderfully simple hypotheses are true, and illustrate their power and fascination with examples taken from real language.


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