CG3-IDE: A tool for counting linguistic features in texts

The CG3-IDE tool enables users to detect features in texts based on rules and search algorithms defined by the users themselves. It was developed as part of the project 'Dimensions of Register Variation in Brazilian Portuguese' (Fapesp, LAEL, Cepril, PUC… more »

Cluster Analysis no SPSS / Cluster Analysis on SPSS

Neste vídeo (6.7 MB, MP4), Carol Zuppardo mostra como fazer Cluster Analysis no SPSS, que pode ser usada como parte da Análise Multidimensional. On this vídeo (6.7 MB, MP4), Carol Zuppardo shows you how to carry out Cluster Analysis on SPSS, which may… more »

Tag Count application for corpora tagged with the PALAVRAS parser

This application was developed by Andre Kovacs for the Sao Paulo Catholic University (PUCSP) project 'Dimensions of Variation in Brazilian Portuguese', with funding from Fapesp (Sao Paulo State Research Council). Download the application for Mac (4MB) or… more »


Os participantes do GELC prepararam uma série de vídeos com a finalidade de auxiliar usuários no manuseio de ferramentas de análise de corpora. Os vídeos disponíveis estão listados abaixo. Mais vídeos serão disponibilizados a qualquer momento, por isso,… more »

Ferramentas / Tools

GELC offers a wide range of both online and desktop tools for corpus exploration at: Online tools: CEPRIL online tools (Portuguese interface) CEPRIL online tools (English interface) Desktop tools: Corpuslg.org/software xcorpus.net     more »