Carolina Zuppardo

Bio: Master's degree student in Applied Linguistics at PUC-SP in the area of Corpus Linguistics, English teacher and teacher trainer. Membership: StudentCorpora:  CAMM - Corpus of Aircraft Maintenance Manuals SIGs: Language Teaching Multi-D… more »

Carlos Kauffmann

    Bio: Membership: Researcher Corpora:Brazilian Multi-Dimensional Corpus, 2 million words, Brazilian Portuguese SIGs:Multi-Dimensional Analysis Contact:   more »

Patricia Bertoli-Dutra

Bio: Professor of English as a Foreing Language and teacher training at UniToledo, with a PhD in Applied Linguistics at Sao Paulo Catholic University (PUCSP). Researcher in Corpus Linguistics and English Language TeachingMembership: ResearcherCorpora: So… more »

Agnes Scaramuzzi Rodrigues

Doutoranda em Linguística Aplicada e Estudos da Linguagem (PUC-SP / LAEL); (2007) Mestra em Linguística Aplicada e Estudos da Linguagem (PUC-SP/LAEL). As duas pesquisas foram inseridas na Linha de Pesquisa Linguagem e Trabalho e contaram com apoio CAPES.… more »

CG3-IDE: A tool for counting linguistic features in texts

The CG3-IDE tool enables users to detect features in texts based on rules and search algorithms defined by the users themselves. It was developed as part of the project 'Dimensions of Register Variation in Brazilian Portuguese' (Fapesp, LAEL, Cepril, PUC… more »

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